Welcome to 360 Property Maintenance’s New Website

We have been working for the past couple of months already around the Cape Fear region improving individual’s homes and rental properties. On our website you can look forward to keeping up with the projects we are working on and look through the images of past projects to get ideas.

But not only will you be able to find information and photos on our recent interior, exterior and landscaping projects, but you will find information about our Property Maintenance and Walk-Through business.  This side of our business allows rental or vacation property owners to hire us to maintain their property so they don’t have to worry about things falling apart. We will walk through the property checking on every little aspect to ensure everything is functioning in proper order, and no repairs are needed. If there is something that catches our eye, we will document it and inform you of a process to fix it. If we cannot readily fix the issue, we have many qualified sub contracts at the ready to tackle any issue from a leaky water heater to peeling paint.  For more information, visit our Property Maintenance and Walk-through page.

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