Pressure Washing,Staining,Painting. A must for wood longevity.

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Proper maintenance of all wood related items are crucial to protecting the life of them. Decks, balconies, railings, and any wood outdoor structure all need the proper TLC to insure your investment lasts a lifetime. Even treated lumber has to be continuously treated and sealed in order for it to survive its life cycle. A combination of pressure washing with a mild detergent or bleach based product, plus a sealer/stain or paint is necessary to provide adequate protection from all outdoor elements. Just like sunblock to your skin, paint and stains protect your wood from the harmful UV rays that slowly destroy and break down wood materials. They also act as a sealer that keeps water, salt, ice, and debris from penetrating the wood products. If your maintenance schedule is laxed and you have let your products build up mold,mildew, scum, and debris then you will need to start with a thorough cleaning of the wood.360 Property Maintenance and repair specializes in these procedures and would love to give you a quote.

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