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Home Interior

Home interior This particular project featured a stone accent wall that needed a bit of beautification. We applied a faux finish to add texture to the wall. We offer other faux finishes in different styles and colors. You can view our interior faux finishes here. We also mix custom blends of colors to allow for…
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Sloping Granite waterfall with sand stone ridges. Cedar steps with paver stone inserts were installed to create a beautiful, yet functional path up and down the waterfall slope. The 25 ft waterfall is continuously flowing thanks to dual 1500GPH pumps. The finished granite waterfall step downs create a steady, calming flow of water. The waterfall…
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Wood Working

The project was an Outdoor Shower with tankless hot water system. We designed the walls of the shower to allow air to travel through yet blocks visibility. Semi smooth concrete slab increases the traction inside the shower while proper drainage channels and slope clear away water and prevents puddling. The plumbing for the shower was installed with…
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